Flowerpot Gardening Tips

Fertilizer is not the only actor in supporting the growth of plants such as flower pots. Because, flower pots also need water. If the flower pot of water shortages, growth will not be perfect, or in other words to be a dwarf. More about the influence of water on the flower pot please read below!

Flowerpot Gardening TipsKeep the environment as early as possible! In addition to dispose of waste in place, using energy-efficient lighting, minimizing the use of greenhouses, avoid the use of motorized vehicles, and manage wastewater, gas, or solid with a maximum, Planting flowers in pots so simple step that can be done, especially for those who do not have the home page is quite extensive. Not only adds to the beauty of the exterior of the home, but also flowers in large quantities outside the home can make the air around the house becomes cooler. As with humans, flower pots and pans also need water. How does the influence of water on the flower pot? Yuk, the following explanation below!

A major component of the photosynthetic

Photosynthesis is a very important process carried out by plants, one flower. Not least because the outcome of this process can create nutrients in the form of glucose as an energy source. How the process of photosynthesis does takes place. At first, water and mineral absorption by the roots to the leaves at the bottom to actually contain chlorophyll, the green substance that can absorb sunlight to disperse the water molecules into oxygen and hydrogen so. After that, the carbon dioxide will be absorbed in photosynthesis as an important factor. Food substances photosynthetic results will be stockpiled for a while in the leaf before being transported to other parts through filter vessels.

Stabilizing heat

As with humans, as well as flowers in pots that will be very tired if the day in the sun. Thirst is so extraordinary to be keenly felt. Flower temperature will feel very hot. This is where the water is very important in order to stabilize the heat on the parts of the flower. Stabilization is expected to make the roots to remain strong flower stems and petals, while the leaves do not wilt. It’s just the process of watering is not recommended during the daytime, when the sun shines proudly. Not least because the water will evaporate more quickly before it is absorbed by the interest. In addition, the cells on the flowers will shrink if doused in hot conditions.

Water is an important influence for the growth of potted flowers. Nevertheless, the process of watering should be done with the right quantity. The water is too much that pooled in the pot is not good because it can inhibit the growth of the water, so are given too little water. This indicates that the water needs of each different flowers. In addition, the watering must be done in the morning and afternoon instead of at noon. Not because the cells on the flowers will shrink if doused in hot conditions. Even so important, still water requires other supporting media to maximize the growth of interest ranging from fertilizer, fertile soil, carbon dioxide, up to the sunlight.

Ideas to Reuse Dead and Dried Flowers

bunga kering

Easy withered flowers in general when it was picked and also easy to fall one or two days. Sometimes also feel pity when looking at the flowers strewn on the home page and also create a dirty home yard. However, all that could change once you have the creativity to take advantage of the flowers that become valuable. Therefore, you should be able to provide ideas so that the flowers can be used be a useful thing for people. Basically, the interest that can be converted into things that is important to the way in dry first. The ideas using dried flowers, the following:

Make brooch

If you have a lot of interest and only falling house or yard course, take advantage of the existing interest by making it into something useful. With dried flowers, you can make an idea to make a brooch. For example, at home you have a lot of roses, and then grab flowers and dried flowers for many days by way of flowers put in the book, hanged, or given borax. To get a good boss, you should keep the flower color to keep it nice.

Make wall hangings

Dried flowers can also be used as an idea to beautify the walls of your home. The trick, find flowers that you like the flowers tied up and hung for several weeks, such as 2 or 4 weeks to dry flowers. to make fixed interest brightly colored You have to find a place that really can make the flower color is maintained. Once dried flowers and get the color remains good, while for flower arrangement in a paper that will be used as flower placement. For example, you will make a picture frame, and then look for the white background or your favorite color. In essence, the interest that will be affixed to look great once you put on the wall.

Beautify vase

You have a clear vase and were filled with flowers? If true affection is not, therefore, remove your idea to give him flowers. Do you feel annoyed when a vase filled with your favorite flowers, but could not survive long should interest imitation? Well, to overcome them in order to keep your favorite flower viewing and not get irritated again, then you should look for smart ideas. Following this idea, so that vase in your home your favorite Bungan remain unfilled. Way, take your favorite flowers and dry for weeks. Once, flowers dry completely then you arranged them in a vase. By doing so, you will not flower vase empty again and look beautiful. If you just want to make a flower vase looks beautiful from the outside, you can give flowers and sticky glue on the dried flowers.

Make the container stationery

Flowers can also be an idea to make container stationery. Perhaps you will think whether it can easily withered flower texture in a container made of materials manufacture stationery? The answer could be. How can I? The way you take the flowers that have a long stalk, such as roses, jasmine, orchid, paper flowers, and so forth. Compose the flowers fit the shape you want and also can use the material to create a pattern that container to your liking. Keeping interest to survive and avoid dust, then you should be diligent in cleaning it at least 2 months by using a spray dryer Hair.

That is how many ideas you can use to make the flower into something useful.

Hydroponic Gardening Tips

Tips Hydroponik

Gardening using hydroponics system is one system used to make the plants better and protected from pests. Hydroponic gardening has begun liked by everyone. This method greatly helps people who have a narrow field and is very suitable for people who are in the capital. With this system they can take advantage of the limited land for gardening. Hydroponics gardening is a way to use water more expensive than using soil (gardening without soil). To make this hydroponics garden, you can use coconut fiber as a substitute for soil and give the hose as a water reservoir below. Before you decide to hydroponic gardening in a way, then here are four tips that you can make an example:

Select good seed

Hydroponic gardening, you do not need seeds from seed directly in the input into the PVC pipe or bottles as containers for hydroponics. However, you need a seed that has been sown and have grown. So, to get good results, then you should select good seed to create a hydroponic garden. If, seed selection is not good, will have an impact on plants that will be used later on could be dead or quickly wither. How, select seedlings still fresh because fresh seed quality will be better than the already withered or diseased. Seeds are good for one is a hydroponic gardening kale seedling because roots are quite long.

Use PVC or bottles

The next tips you can use PVC or bottles as containers. How, you grab the pipe and then given a hole to put the seeds that are ready to be included into the PVC. Fill the pipe with coconut husk or the other and make sure that nothing is leaking pipeline. This is because the pipe as a container to hold water. In addition to pipes, bottles also can be utilized as a medium for hydroponics by way of cutting two plastic bottles of water to drink after the top is used as a kind of plant with the help of soil or coconut fiber and the bottom is used to hold water. Bottle containing the plants you put on top of a bottle filled with water.

Think of irrigation systems

The next tips are that you should think about irrigation systems. Due gardening using hydroponics system is more dependent on water as nutrients, and then you should think well irrigation system. Water becomes a critical role to create fertile plants in the hydroponic system. So, if you use the pipeline as a tool, make sure the condition is not leaking. This was done to accommodate the water, leaking pipes; the plants do not get the nutrients. By doing so, the plant could have died. If you are not using a pipe, try to make the irrigation system by way of floating raft system or axis system.

Think about how to treat them

Next consider also how to treat them. Gardening with hydroponics system is tantamount to gardening in general because it takes care. If the plants are planted is not treated, it could have the plant will rot or leaf affected by pests. Therefore, you should still perform maintenance, such as leaf earns interest that is affected by pests or wilted and see the condition of the tree itself.

Hopefully this article can add to your knowledge all about gardening using hydroponics method.

Home Decor Ideas Using Fresh Flowers

MVLZqdHZnhWho would not want to own a home cool, comfortable, and beautiful. In this case, one that is generally a lot of people do is to beautify the house is graced with fresh flowers(plants). Keep in mind, ornamental plants that have the freshness in addition to providing coolness in the room also could avoid all toxins, such as benzene, formaldehyde, and other chemicals that are certainly not good for health. In fact, it can damage the heart, lungs, liver, and respiratory tract. To create a beautiful home with fresh flowers, you can use the following way:

Choose a beautiful and fresh flowers

Tanaman-Pembersih-Udara-Dalam-Rumah-PekanbaruThere are many flowers that you can choose to beautify your home, such as flowers Peace Lily, Andong, Palm Yellow, Begonia, Dracaena Deremensis, and so forth. However, ensuring beautiful and fresh flowers is also important so that the benefits you can get. There is no harm in choosing flowers that are sold at high prices quality origin. Useless when you buy more than two interest rate because the price is relatively cheap but not as expected manfatnya fast even death. You can compare between the flowers with one another between endurance, excellence and beauty. Therefore, you should visit a trusted store to get it.

Put it in the right position

Dekorasi-vas-bunga-pot-tanaman-ruang-tamuOnce you choose flowers that want to serve as a home room decoration, make sure you put in the right position, one of which is protected from the sun. Because, when exposed to intense ultraviolet exposure can reduce beauty than flowers. Just imagine, if you are in the sun, of the skin can be burnt and dry. As well as ornamental plants, will quickly dry because the water level is absorbed by the ultraviolet rays. Therefore, put a flower position can not be arbitrary. However, if you want to decorate the porch or front yard of your house, you can choose a flower that does have resistance to the sun, such as aloe vera or rose flowers.

Keep the freshness of flowers

indoor-plantsIt is no less important is to keep the freshness of flowers. Useless if the flowers you buy expensive but not cared for and maintained properly. It is not possible interest had looked fresh and beautiful over time turned into yellowish to death. Do not want to not experience such things, is not it? Therefore, so that the flowers can last longer and benefits you can feel at any time be sure to take good care, ie flush/ change the water 2-3 times a week. Remember, interest resilience can also depend on the way that maximum care. So, make sure you do not ignore it.

So many benefits to be had if able to bring beautiful flowers and fresh either inside or outside the rooms of the house, because it starts from a chronic inflammatory disease to be neutralized. Therefore, no wonder if in every home whether that page or the room a lot of flowers, such as orchids, palms, buggy, and others.



Various Types of Roses

types of rosesWhat’s so great about roses? Why many people love it?

Gentlemen love to present a flower bouquet for their ladies on Valentine’s Day, anniversary, birthday, and also Chinese New Year (for those Chinese people). The main reason to choose roses over other flowers is the fact that it shows affection and passion especially the red. Moreover, there are various colors of roses that have different meanings. Other colors are pink, white, orange, yellow, and blue.

Besides, women enjoy gardening and grow roses in their yard. No need to wonder why they do that since roses are easy to grow and look extremely beautiful to improve house’s exterior. They can grow roses in a vase or the ground.

Well, in this case, we are going to talk about several common types of roses. They are:

Alba roses

Alba rosesThe Alba roses are initially introduced by Romans. It is exactly the result of hybridization between Arvensis andAlba. Even though it is very popular with white color, there are also other Alba roses that grow in baby pink. The reason why it is in the first place of the list is not only due to alphabet, but also since it become one of the oldest roses.

Bourbon roses

Bourbon rosesAnother popular type of rose is called Bourbon rose. No, we are not talking about the name of American whiskey. It is just the hybridization result of Autumn Damask and Old Blush China. Bourbon rose is derived from France. According to data, it was first introduced in 1823. The look is very unique. It looks like cabbage.

Climbing roses

Climbing rosesNow, let’s move on to climbing roses. From the name, we can try to guess that this type of rose is no other but climbing. The climbing roses are perfect to decorate your house’s exterior. By the way, it’s a kind of English roses that come up in many colors, such as red, pink, and purple. They can grow horizontally or vertically.

Hybrid tea roses

Hybrid tea rosesAfter talking a bit about climbing roses, it’s time to start discussing hybrid tea roses. This modern garden rose is the cross-breeding between Hybrid perpetuals and tea roses. The first time it was introduced was in 1867.

Tiffany roses

Tiffany rosesA rose type everyone should know is Tiffany roses. If we talk about the characteristics and appearance, it is almost similar to Bourbon roses that look like cabbage. Nevertheless, the difference is Tiffany roses were the classification of Hybrid tea roses. According to experts, the perfect time to plant Tiffany roses is the very early spring.

Wild roses

wild rosesLast but not least, we should also miss the wild roses when talking about the types. Wild roses are kinds of roses you probably often find because they can easily grow anywhere. Even so, it also consists of several types, such as Acicularis, Arkansana, Canina, Virginiana, and Woodsii. The more specific types are based on the are it’s growing.

Orchid Care Tips

Couple days ago, my sister visited my residence and told me that she needed my help. She wanted to plant orchid, but she did not know how to take care of this flower well. As a professional florist, of course I know the answer is. Yup, taking care of orchid is not difficulty as long as people know what should do and should not do. Anyway, are you looking for orchid care tips too? If you answer yes, consider following the tips below:

Put orchid in the right place

This plant needs enough sunlight, but too much light intensity is not for good for orchid. For this, put orchid in the right place in which it can get sunlight properly. If you put it in the flower pot and hang it in windows, make sure that you remain checking light intensity. You should move its position inside home if it attaches to sunlight too often.

If you put orchid in room, buy plant lamp. This is important to do so this plant remains getting enough light. Alternatively, you can move its position to window in the morning and then put it inside room in the afternoon.

Keep its humidity

Orchid is tropical plant needing humidity area. However, you may not water it too often because it is not similar to other ornamental plants. Thus, how often should you water this plant? The answer depends on orchid type that you plant. In general, you should water it every 5 to 12 days. For instance, if your orchid type is Paphiopedilum, Miltonia, Cymbidium, or Odontoglossum, you must keep evenly moist at all time or if your orchid type is Phalaenopsis, Vanda, or Ascocenda, keep nearly dry between waterings.

Fertilize orchid regularly

How many times should you fertilize this plant? You are recommended to fertilize it once a month. Make sure that you buy fertilizer that contains nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, plus trace elements like iron. You can ask to professional florists or store where you buy orchid’s seeds.

Replace old pot with new one

You should do this in spring. This is done to refresh the media. When should you repot your orchid? Ideally, you do this every 18 to 24 months. Choose new pots with small size so its root can grow optimally. In contrast, if you choose big pots, leave of orchid will get difficulty to grow and you will recently look its flower for couple months. Besides, make sure that the pots are equipped with drainage so when watering this plant, water does not sediment in the pots. Realize that orchid will be dead if its root is always wet.

Hopefully, by doing these tips, you can take care of orchid optimally.