Orchid Care Tips

Couple days ago, my sister visited my residence and told me that she needed my help. She wanted to plant orchid, but she did not know how to take care of this flower well. As a professional florist, of course I know the answer is. Yup, taking care of orchid is not difficulty as long as people know what should do and should not do. Anyway, are you looking for orchid care tips too? If you answer yes, consider following the tips below:

Put orchid in the right place

This plant needs enough sunlight, but too much light intensity is not for good for orchid. For this, put orchid in the right place in which it can get sunlight properly. If you put it in the flower pot and hang it in windows, make sure that you remain checking light intensity. You should move its position inside home if it attaches to sunlight too often.

If you put orchid in room, buy plant lamp. This is important to do so this plant remains getting enough light. Alternatively, you can move its position to window in the morning and then put it inside room in the afternoon.

Keep its humidity

Orchid is tropical plant needing humidity area. However, you may not water it too often because it is not similar to other ornamental plants. Thus, how often should you water this plant? The answer depends on orchid type that you plant. In general, you should water it every 5 to 12 days. For instance, if your orchid type is Paphiopedilum, Miltonia, Cymbidium, or Odontoglossum, you must keep evenly moist at all time or if your orchid type is Phalaenopsis, Vanda, or Ascocenda, keep nearly dry between waterings.

Fertilize orchid regularly

How many times should you fertilize this plant? You are recommended to fertilize it once a month. Make sure that you buy fertilizer that contains nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, plus trace elements like iron. You can ask to professional florists or store where you buy orchid’s seeds.

Replace old pot with new one

You should do this in spring. This is done to refresh the media. When should you repot your orchid? Ideally, you do this every 18 to 24 months. Choose new pots with small size so its root can grow optimally. In contrast, if you choose big pots, leave of orchid will get difficulty to grow and you will recently look its flower for couple months. Besides, make sure that the pots are equipped with drainage so when watering this plant, water does not sediment in the pots. Realize that orchid will be dead if its root is always wet.

Hopefully, by doing these tips, you can take care of orchid optimally.